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Sri Lanka being an island nation, has known to be a vibrant trading hub since ancient times. Her geographical location in the main East / West sea route attracted merchants from many lands. The Ancient Greeks named her Taprobane, The Persians & the Arabs knew it as Serendib and the Colonial Powers from the West (Portuguese, Dutch & British) called her Ceylon.
Sri Lanka is a Republic and a Unitary state with a democratically elected President & a Parliament. A diverse and multicultural country which is home to many religions, ethnic groups and languages, Sri Lanka has one of the most literate populations in the region, with a literacy rate of over 92.5%.
The Service sector contributes 60% of the GDP with the Industrial sector 28% & the Agricultural sector 12%. India is Sri Lanka’s largest trading partner.
SM Line Corporation is represented in Sri Lanka by Setmil United Cargo (Pvt) Ltd., which is a part of SETMIL GROUP, a diversified conglomerate and an industry leader in Shipping, Logistics & Port Operations. 
Customer satisfaction, Professionalism and affordability has been the hallmark of Setmil Group. We look forward to serving all our customers with a service standard that contains these ingredients. 

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