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Business Ethics

SM LINE Code of Ethics

We, the members of SM LINE, are committed to the satisfaction of customers while providing world class services and pursuing the growth of all of related parties including our shareholders to becoming a reliable and transparent company in management and then also fulfilling our duties as a member of society. Thus, we hereby decree the Employee Code of Ethics.

A. Basic SM LINE Employee Code of Ethics

  • We shall be aware of our own responsibilities and rights assigned based on the Company’s vision and policy and make our best efforts to carry them out.

    We shall have pride in being SM LINE employees and make our best efforts to uphold the honor of the Company and carry out our own tasks faithfully.

    We shall protect corporate property(tangible and intangible assets, confidential information, credit card reward points, and etc.) and never use them for our personal use.

    We shall not work for other profitable organizations or be engaged in other profit-making businesses.

    We shall refrain any kind of internal financial dealing between employees.

    We shall not use our superior position to force or exercise authority in any forms to others.

    We prohibit physical or verbal sexual harassment between employees.

    We shall not form a private in-house meeting that limits members to a specific person (or purpose) and pays monthly fees.

B. Responsibilities to Customers

  • We shall offer the best quality services at reasonable prices for customers’ satisfaction.

    We shall respect customers’ opinions always and keep our promises with customers.

    We shall provide customers with accurate and factual information.

    We shall do our best to protect customers’ information and shall not disclose it without customers’ prior consent to any other third party.

C. Responsibilities to Shareholders

  • We shall give our best efforts to enhance our shareholders’ profits.

    We shall provide our shareholders and other related parties with timely and useful information.

    We shall protect our shareholders’ profits by realizing a stable and sustainable management.

D. Responsibilities to Competing Organizations

  • We shall maintain a policy of fair competition according to the principle of free competition.

    We shall remain committed to the fair competition adhering to the order of fair trade and related laws and regulations while respecting the order of the market mechanism.

E. Responsibilities to Business Partners

  • We shall promote mutual growth with our business partners by enhancing mutual trust and cooperative relationships.

    We shall neither influence nor force our business partners to commit any illegal act by imposing our advantageous position; we shall not receive gratuity(money and treat) from them in any form.

F. Company’s Responsibilities to Employees

  • The Company shall give its best efforts to make its employees feel the pride and accomplishment working for it.

    The Company shall respect the unique personality of each employee and fully support their ability development by providing them with fair and equal opportunities.

    The Company shall create and maintain a proper working environment to ensure the protection of the health and safety of its employees while supporting them to achieve self-realization.

G. Responsibilities to the Country and Society

  • The Company shall endeavor to contribute to the national economy and social development and corporate culture enhancement.

    The Company shall adhere to internationally accepted laws and regulations as well as to the related laws and regulation of Korea and fulfill the tax obligation.

    The Company shall do our best to protect the nature and maintain a clean environment

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