Online Reporting Center

SM Line operates an online reporting center to promote fair and ethical business practices.
This platform is open not only to SM Line employees, but also to all stakeholders for reporting purposes.

▣ Types of reports for whistleblowing:

        Accepting Gifts and Entertainment in Financial Transactions
        Embezzlement and larceny
        Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information
        Favoritism towards specific vendors
        Investing in the equity of trading partners
        Other corrupt acts

  • The confidentiality of the whistleblower will be fully protected and the whistleblower will not suffer any adverse consequences as a result of reporting.

    Reports of misconduct by SM Line employees will be handled confidentially by SM Line Compliance Office.

    In the case of anonymous reports, investigations may not proceed if the content is not specific and lacks clear factual evidence.

    This report will be submitted in the form of an email to the Compliance Office and will not be stored in our system.

▣ Collection of Personal Information

* Information Collected: Name, Contact Information, Email Address(Not mandatory)

* Purpose of collection: To provide feedback on report results

* Retention period: Upon completion of complaint processing

 I consent to the collection and use of my personal information.

▣ Report content

▣ Attachments

* Attachments should not exceed 1MB.

▣ Collecting Basic Information about the Report

  • How did you become aware of this report?

        Direct experience         Learned from an external source         Witnessed or heard about it personally
        Heard it through a rumor         Informed by a colleague         Accidentally came across the document/file
  • How long do you believe the report persisted?

        Single incident         Within 3 months         Within 6 months
        Within one year         More than one year         Undetermined
  • What is your relationship with the company?

        Employer or employee of SM Line         Employer or employee of SM Group         Customer
        Supplier         General citizen         Prefer not to disclose

▣ Personal Information

 Name :    Phone :    E-mail :  

* Note: These fields are optional and you may submit a report without providing this information

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